Human resource planning

1. What are some of the key concerns that organizations should consider in human resource planning?

2. What factors need to be considered in employee recruitment on the part of the employer? On the part of the applicant?

In what ways has antidiscrimination legislation affected how personnel professionals recruit, screen, and select people for jobs? List some ways that employers can try to avoid discrimination in personnel decision making.

The kindergarten student in Ms. Larson’s class (item 1) continued to progress in school. In fourth grade, he finished third in his K–8 school’s geography bee. He finished first in the next two years. In seventh grade, he finally took his first course in geography. He received C’s. He often complained to his parents that he already knew the material being taught, that he wanted to learn “new stuff, not just listen to the same old junk.” His teacher put a great deal of emphasis on completing map worksheets, which he completed very quickly and sloppily. He often became disruptive in class. How should the geography teacher handle this situation?

a. The teacher should punish the student for disrupting class. The student should continue to do the same assignments as the other students, because he needs to understand that not all work is fun.

b. The teacher should consider curriculum compacting, because the student has already mastered the course content. Once he is challenged, his disruptive behavior is likely to diminish.

c. The teacher should ask this student to become a co-teacher.

d. The teacher should use the student’s sloppy work as a negative example to the rest of the class.

Consider the different employee selection methods: multiple regression, multiple cutoff, and multiple hurdle. For each, develop a list of jobs or occupations that would probably require that particular method.


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