In-house and inpatient counseling for patients

In 700 words with 15 in text reference – APA 6TH Referencing style.

Address the topic: in-house and inpatient counselling for patients having back/spine surgery Please write the following points 1. benefits for patients having counselling as part of diagnoses/treatment when visiting a surgeon for their appointment for back surgery. 2. Any negative impact of having a in-house counsellor for when patients visit a surgeon for their back appointment. Would it be beneficial to have anxiety treated by therapy for back surgery as part of treatment/pain management. 3. Will patients feel easier to address surgery anxiety and/or smoking addiction, issues of who will care for them etc when planning spinal surgery. 4. Will patients feel cared and valued if in-house counselling as part of specialist/surgeon appointment was offered as an extra service ny an in-house counsellor in the same value?
So the idea is – when you go see a orthopedic spine surgeon for spinal issues such as sciatica, lumbar disc herniation, disc bulge, scoliosos spondylolisthesis, etc, and the patient is suggested treatment for back pain which has hindered quality of life and/or sometimes suggests surgery as treatment for spine conditions. Wouldn’t it help to have in-house counsellor in the same office as a surgeon who is available to address patient concerns of anxiety, exisiting mental health condiitons such as fear/paranioa or overwhleming proccess of spine surgery or quitting smoking for surgery. If in the same value to see a surgeon, in house counselling was also offered.? Wouldn’t this improve their thinking process, will power, acceptance of reality and quality of life? Could you please find relevant articles/research to back up this in 700 words.


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