Influence, power, and organizational politics

1. In what ways are influence, power, and organizational politics different? In what ways are they similar?

2. Consider the five power bases described by French and Raven (1959). Give examples of how a manager might use each to increase work group productivity.

Design a leadership training program for leaders of student organizations. Keep in mind the program characteristics that will maximize the effectiveness of the training program.

1.Which of the following is the best example of functional fixedness?

a. Zack needs to tighten a screw, but he has no screwdriver. He has some change in his pocket, but he does not try to use a dime instead of a screwdriver.

b. Xavier continues to use the strategy of adding a number multiple times rather than learning his multiplication facts.

c. Maria uses the formula for the area of a rectangle when solving a problem requiring her to find the area of a triangle.

d. Sol is lost in the woods. He remembers his mother telling him that if he gets lost like this, he should “hug a tree.” He stays in one spot and within 30 minutes his family finds him.


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