Instructional planning

1.What is instructional planning? Why does instruction need to be planned?

2. What planning needs to be done related to the use of time?

3. In your own K–12 experiences, did you ever have a teacher who did not put enough effort into planning? What was that like for students?

Which of the following is the best example of constructivist teaching strategies in science?

a. Mr. Ricardo’s students study the material in their science tests and take quizzes over each chapter.

b. Mr. Bunker’s students have a “science bee” every Friday. He asks questions and the students respond. Students who give incorrect answers are out of the competition.

c. Ms. Mertz’s students perform carefully designed experiments in a few areas that demonstrate scientific principles, helping them to learn in depth and to learn the process of scientific inquiry.

d. Ms. O’Connor’s students keep science notebooks in which they take notes on her presentations, and she gives periodic tests on the material in the notebooks.


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