Issues-centered education

1.What is multicultural education? What is the aim of “empowering” students?

2.What is culturally relevant teaching?

3.What is issues-centered education?

4.How can teachers improve relationships among children from different ethnic groups?

5.In terms of multicultural education, what do you hope to do as a teacher differently from what your former teachers did?

Many students enter their educational psychology courses believing that when an authority figure presents an aversive stimulus to a child and the child’s misbehavior diminishes, the authority figure has negatively reinforced the child’s behavior. Of course, we know that the authority figure has punished the child’s behavior. Many of the students who entered your class with this misconception will get questions incorrect that test this idea on the final exam and will still have this misconception when they leave the class. What is the best explanation for this phenomenon?

a. belief perseverance

b. confirmation bias

c. hindsight bias

d. none of the above


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