Kinds of screening procedures

1. Consider the last job you applied for. What kinds of screening procedures did you encounter? What were their strengths and weaknesses? How could they have been improved?

2. Using the job from question 1, design a performance appraisal system for the position. What does it consist of? Who will do the evaluations?

It is clear that in much of the hiring that takes place, subjective evaluations of applicants are often the basis for the decisions. Why is this the case? What are some reasons that more objective—and more valid—hiring procedures are often ignored by employers?

Jenny has a moderate learning disability. She is educated in the special education classroom of her school, as she has been for the past two years. She and her classmates eat lunch in the resource room as well. Each of the students in the resource room works on different things, due to their very different abilities and disabilities. This placement was made because the regular education teachers in Jenny’s school do not have the necessary skills to teach Jenny. Therefore, she was placed in the resource room with the school’s sole special educator.

What is the legal issue with this placement?

a. Jenny’s IEP does not specify a diagnosis.

b. Jenny is not being educated in the least restrictive environment.

c. Jenny’s placement needs to be reconsidered at least every six months.

d. The functional behavior assessment did not consider the use of technology.


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