Learning and thinking styles

1.What is meant by learning and thinking styles? Describe impulsive/reflective styles.

2.How can deep/surface styles be characterized?

3.What are optimistic/pessimistic styles?

4.How have learning and thinking styles been criticized?

5.Describe yourself or someone else you know well in terms of the learning and thinking styles presented in this section.

Ms. Garcia has her students read passages from a novel and then gives them 30 minutes to describe the gist of what they have read. Which students are likely to do well on this task?

a. students with an impulsive style of thinking

b. students with a reflective style of thinking

c. students with practical intelligence d. students with average intelligence

2. Which question encourages a deep style of thinking?

a. What is the inverse of one-half?

b. What is the lowest prime number?

c. How much flour would you use to make half of the cookie recipe?

d. What does it mean to say that addition is the opposite of subtraction?


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