Measurement of employee job satisfaction

1. What are some of the difficulties in the measurement of employee job satisfaction?

2. How does job satisfaction relate to the important “bottom-line” outcome variables of performance, absenteeism, and turnover?

1. How would you design a program to improve motivation for a group of low-achieving high school students? What would the elements of the program be? What theories would you use?

2. 2. How might I/O psychologists try to deal with these problems?

1.Give some examples of how you use self-instructional and self-regulatory methods in your personal life. How effective are these methods? Should you use them more than you do? Explain.

2. Macy sits staring at her math homework. She has not attempted a single problem. “What’s the use?” she sighs. “I’ll never get it right.” According to Bandura’s social cognitive theory, what is the most plausible explanation for Macy’s response?

a. Macy does not have the requisite language skills to do her homework.

b. Macy has low self-efficacy.

c. Macy has too much math anxiety.

d. Macy’s teacher has not provided enough negative feedback about her math homework.


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