Measurement techniques used by I/O psychologists

1. Consider the various measurement techniques used by I/O psychologists. Why are many of the variables used in I/O psychology difficult to measure?

2. Consider the important trends in I/O psychology today. Are there any ways that these trends have affected or will affect your life as a worker?

Using the study that you designed earlier, what are some of the ethical considerations in conducting the research? What information would you include in an informed consent form for that study’s participants?

Choose some aspect of work behavior and develop a research hypothesis. Now try to design a study that would test the hypothesis. Consider what your variables are and how you will operationalize them.

Choose a research design for the collection of data. Consider who your participants will be and how they will be selected. How might the hypothesis be tested statistically?

Carrie’s third-grade teacher, Ms. Brown, often gets frustrated when Carrie tries to answer questions in class. Carrie takes a long time to answer. Her sentence structure is not as good as that of other students in her class, and she often presents ideas in what sounds like a random manner. Ms. Brown should suspect that Carrie has

a. articulation disorder

b. expressive language disorder

c. receptive language disorder

d. specific language impairment



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