Metacognitive abilities

1.How do young children compare with older children in their metacognitive abilities?

2. According to Pressley and colleagues’ Good Information-Processing model, competent cognition results from what interacting factors?

3.How can children be helped to learn metacognitive strategies and self-regulation?

4.How might the three steps in the Good Information-Processing model be part of teaching a topic to children? Select a topic that you might teach one day and try working through it as an example.

Sharmala’s uncle has just played a trick on her. He presented her with a can that looked like a can of peanuts. However, when she opened the can, a cloth snake sprang out at her. Sharmala thought the trick was very funny and could hardly wait to play it on her brother. When her uncle asked her what she thought her brother would expect to be in the can, she giggled and responded, “Peanuts, but won’t he be surprised.” This is an example of Sharmala’s development of

a. the ability to allocate attention to different aspects of a problem

b. problem-solving expertise

c. metamemory skills d. theory of mind


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