Myths About Personality

  1. What are the main problems with the idea that projective tests are a useful measure of human personality? What is a good alternative to using a projective test? What, if any, benefits are there to using a projective test?
  2. Is there such a things as evidence for an effect of birth-order on personality? Describe evidence for both points of view. What do you believe about this relationship?

1. How might looking at behaviors in context reduce gender stereotyping? ∙

2.What evidence is there of gender bias in the classroom? What progress have schools made in reducing bias?

3. From your own K–12 education, come up with at least one instance in which your school or teacher favored either boys or girls. As a teacher, how would you try to correct that gender bias?

Which teacher’s practice best exemplifies the concept of culturally relevant education?

a. Mr. Lincoln, who does not allow any discussion of race or ethnicity in his class, deeming it irrelevant to his students’ education

b. Mr. Peters, who has differing expectations of his students based on gender, ethnicity, and SES

c. Mr. Welch, who displays favoritism to members of ethnic minority groups

d. Mr. Patterson, who recognizes that he comes from a different background from his students but spends time in the community to better understand their culture


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