Onsite versus offsite training methods

Consider a work organization that you have had some contact with, either one in which you were employed or in which a friend or relative is working. Based on your knowledge, how might a training needs assessment be conducted? Consider all four levels of assessment: organizational, task, person, and demographic analysis.

Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of onsite versus offsite training methods.

Consider the various designs for evaluating employee training programs. Although the more complex and sophisticated designs usually provide better evaluation, what are some of the difficulties of conducting an assessment in actual work organizations?

Ms. Sanders wants her students to be quiet and ready to learn as soon as possible after coming in from recess. Sometimes the children are so excited that they have difficulty quieting down. To help remind them that it is time to be quiet and listen, Ms. Sanders flicks the light switch on and off several times. The children immediately quiet and listen to her instructions. According to applied behavioral analysis, what is Ms. Sanders doing when she turns the lights on and off?

a. prompting

b. punishing

c. coercing

d. shaping


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