Parenting style(s)

What are some of the potential positive and negative outcomes of conflict?

Using a work or social group with which you have had contact, think of examples of conflict that led to negative outcomes.

How might these situations have been managed to reduce their negative impact?

1.What parenting style(s) have you witnessed and experienced? What effects did they have?

1. Which of the following teachers is most likely to encourage appropriate parental involvement in children’s education?

a. Mr. Bastian sends home weekly progress notes to the parents who request them. He invites each parent to a conference at the end of the first grading period, and contacts parents if a child is in serious trouble at school.

b. Ms. Washington contacts parents before the school year begins. She holds a meeting for parents to discuss her expectations for both children and parents and to answer questions. She requests volunteers to help in the classroom and chaperone field trips. She sends home weekly progress reports that include academic and social information.

c. Ms. Jefferson tells parents that their children need to develop independence, which won’t happen if they hover around at school and interfere with the educational process.

d. Ms. Hernandez holds two parent-teacher conferences each year and e-mails parents if children fall behind in their work or present any problems in class. She occasionally e-mails a parent when a child has made marked improvement or accomplished something special.


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