Performance assessments

1.What are effective ways to prepare students for standardized tests?

2.What roles do frequency distributions, measures of central tendency and variability, and normal distributions play in describing standardized test results?

What are some different types of scores? How should scores be evaluated?

3.How can standardized tests be used in planning and improving

1.Why is it argued that performance assessments should accompany standardized tests in high-stakes testing? What are some problems in using performance assessments as part of large-scale standardized testing?

2.What characterizes concern about diversity and standardized tests?

3.In what situations would you rather be tested with standardized testing? With performance assessments? Why?

Ms. Ramirez has assigned her students to analyze the water in a nearby stream, determine the level of pollution in the stream, and develop a solution to the pollution problem. What type of learning target has she created?

a. affect

b. knowledge

c. product

d. reasoning


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