Political behaviors

1. List some of the potential causes of political behaviors.

2. Compare and contrast the contingency models of organizational structure.

Consider an organization with which you have had some contact.

Describe the structure of this organization using the dimensions of traditional—nontraditional, functional—divisional, and centralized—decentralized. If you have access to the organization’s chart, describe its chain of command and span of control.

Jackson is 16 years old and is much better at problem solving than when he was younger. Which of the following is most likely to explain his improved problem solving as a teenager?

a. His hormones are settling down better since he is no longer in puberty.

b. He is better at monitoring the demands of a problem-solving task.

c. He is more stimulus-driven, and that helps him to sort through more stimuli when he is given a problem to solve.

d. He uses a minimum number of strategies that he knows well.


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