‘Power and plenty in the post-cold war’

Write 2000-2500 words on the following question:

How would you describe the overall world strategy of the United States in the post- cold war era?

As you can see from the rubric (attached), there are three key criteria of quality for this essay: coverage of content, quality of writing, and quality of analysis. We can break this down further: ’Coverage of content’ includes issues and sources. Is the content relevant to the question and does it have sufficient scope (do you drag in irrelevant material, are you covering enough of the key themes and facts)? On coverage of sources: Have you engaged with the necessary reading material? Is your range of sources broad and deep enough, and are they of adequate quality? (An essay referring to none of the course materials, and using just a few web pages from a cursory google search is not acceptable). ’Writing’ includes clarity, economy and accuracy of the language, and also the overall essay structure. Accurate vocabulary and grammar are not extraneous or petty issues, they determine whether you communicate accurately and clearly or whether the writing is messy, vague and obscur. The further readings and other relevant sources will also be necessary. These readings will help answer the question better: Cox, M., & Stokes, D. (2012). US foreign policy: Oxford University Press. Chapter 5 by Dumbrell ‘America in the 1990’s: searching for a purpose’ Anderson, P. (2015). American Foreign Policy and Its Thinkers. Verso. Section 7 ‘Liberalism Militant’ part I and II (pp83-89 only) Golub, P. S. (2010). Power, profit and prestige: a history of American imperial expansion. London: Pluto Press. Chapter 5 ‘Power and plenty in the post-cold war’ Mann, M. (2013). The sources of social power: Globalizations, 1945-2011 (Vol. 4). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Chapter 10 ‘American Empire at the turn of the twenty-first century’ (only pp 268-278Preview the document)


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