Roles of art and science in the practice of teaching

1.How is educational psychology defined? Who were some key thinkers in the history of educational psychology, and what were their ideas?

2. How would you describe the roles of art and science in the practice of teaching?

3.John Dewey argued that children should not sit quietly in their seats and learn in a rote manner. Do you agree with Dewey? Why or why not?

Which of the following is an example of a social constructivist approach?

a. In Mr. Hanratty’s class, students work together on social studies projects.

b. In Ms. Baker’s class, students work independently to discover basic principles of science.

c. In Ms. Rinosa’s class, students are assigned one hour of homework a day.

d. In Mr. Francois’ class, students engage in silent reading of their self-chosen books.


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