Social motives and the need for affiliation

1.What are social motives and the need for affiliation?

2.In what ways are students’ school performances linked to relationships with parents, peers, friends, and teachers?

3. How do ethnicity and socioeconomic status influence motivation to achieve in school?

4.Suppose several children from low-income families in your elementary school classroom are struggling with achieving their potential.

How would you work with them to improve their chances of being successful in school?

1.Which of the following best exemplifies the cognitive perspective on motivation?

a. Mr. Davidson gives his students tickets when he “catches them being good” so that they will continue to behave appropriately.

b. Mr. McRoberts wants his students to believe they can be successful in anything if they try, so he ensures success for those students who work hard.

c. Ms. Boeteng believes that her students will be more motivated in school if they establish good relationships with both her and with their classmates, so she provides emotional support.

d. Ms. Pocius keeps a supply of cereal in her desk drawer so that if one of her students is hungry, she can provide food.


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