The concepts of gender roles and gender-typing

1.What is gender, and what do the concepts of gender roles and gender-typing mean? How have psychologists attempted to explain gender from biological, social, and cognitive perspectives?

2.What are gender stereotypes? What problems are created by gender stereotypes? How are boys and girls similar and different?

3.What characterizes gender-role classification?

1.Suppose that you had several students in your class who were strikingly gifted. Might this lead to problems? Explain. What might you do to prevent such problems from developing?

2. Ms. Larson has a student in her kindergarten class who continuously surprises her. He requested that she allow him to play with a puzzle of the United States that no children had played with in years. She observed him expertly put each state in place, saying its name as he did so. Soon he was teaching the other students in the class each state’s name, its capital, and where it belonged in the puzzle. On a recent trip to the school learning center, he asked to check out a book of international flags that was written at an eighth-grade level. Her first instinct was to deny his request, but instead she asked him about the book. He told her, “I know I can’t read all of it, but I can read the names of the countries, and I want to learn more flags. See how many I already know?” He then flipped through the book, correctly identifying most of the flags. Which characteristics of giftedness is this student showing?

a. numerical ability, highly developed social skills, and precocity

b.verbal ability, intensity, and a passion to master

c. high reading level, marching to his own drummer, and stubbornness

d. precocity, marching to his own drummer, and a passion to master


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