The process of learning

1.What do experts do that novices often don’t do in the process of learning?

2.What does it take to become an expert?

3. Is subject experience enough to make a good teacher? What else is needed?

4.Choose an area in which you feel you are at least somewhat of an expert. Compare your ability to learn in that field with the ability of a novice.

Mr. Williams is a former college history professor who is now teaching high school American history. He discusses his research and writing with his students and tries to make history come alive by telling them about how historians find out about the past. After a month of teaching, he finds that his students seem confused during class discussions and perform poorly on tests of factual knowledge. The most likely explanation is that Mr. Williams lacks

a. content expertise

b. pedagogical content knowledge

c. metacognition

d. cue-dependent knowledge


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