The relationship between money and happiness

  1. Why do we reject the idea that money creates happiness? Discuss this question critically. Are psychologists correct to reject the relationship between money and happiness?
  2. Many people are strongly tied to the idea that a positive mental attitude can prevent, or even cure, illness. In what ways might they be correct to maintain a belief in this phenomena? How might their belief be problematic for them?

Robert teaches at an ethnically diverse elementary school. Since he decided to become a teacher, his goal has been to teach in a school like this one because he wants to help ethnic minority children. In his class, he makes considerable effort to ensure that all of his students are successful and feel part of the larger group. He is warm and caring toward his students, sometimes even providing lunch for those who forget to bring one or don’t have enough money for the cafeteria. He often praises minority students for work that he would find only average from his majority students. What is Robert doing wrong?

a. He is substituting nurturance for academic standards.

b. He should provide a more nurturing environment for all students.

c. He should provide lunch for all of his students or none of them.

d. He is setting standards for minority students that are too high.

According to Sonia Nieto, which of these is the best educational practice for empowering students?

a. avoiding discussion of prejudice and discrimination

b. teaching a second language to all non-Latino White students

c. having separate weekly classes on multicultural topics d. encouraging all students to study culture critically


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