Theory of moral development

1.What is self-esteem, and what are some ways to increase students’ self-esteem?

What is the nature of identity development, and what are the four statuses of identity?

2.What is moral development?

What levels of moral development were identified by Kohlberg, and what are three criticisms of his theory? Contrast the justice and care perspectives.

How can the domain theory of moral development be described?

What characterizes academic cheating?

What are some forms of moral education

Which of the following is the best example of a developmentally appropriate unit on pioneer life for third-graders?

a. Mr. Johnson’s class has read about the daily lives of pioneers and is now constructing log cabins that demonstrate their understanding of the typical cabin of the period. Mr. Johnson moves around the room, giving help when needed, asking students why they are including certain features, and ensuring that all stay on task.

b. In Ms. Lincoln’s class, each student has read a different book about pioneer life and is now writing a book report. The students work quietly at their desks on their reports. She occasionally chastises students for talking or for daydreaming.

c. Mr. Roosevelt’s class is taking turns reading aloud a book about pioneer life. Each student reads a paragraph of the book in turn. When they are finished with the book, they will be tested on the content.

d. Ms. Silver is lecturing to her students about pioneer life. She has gone over reasons for the westward migration, modes of transportation, and clearing the land and building a cabin. She will give them a test about pioneer life on Friday.


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