Types of physical disorders

1.What types of physical disorders in children are teachers likely to see?

2.What are some common visual and hearing sensory disorders in children?

3.What are the differences among articulation, voice, fluency, and language disorders? What characterizes autism spectrum disorders?

4.What are the main types of emotional and behavioral disorders?

Middlesborough High School is an ethnically diverse school with considerable racial tension and conflict. When possible, the students self-select single-ethnicity groups. When forced to work in ethnically diverse groups, the students often argue and fail to cooperate. Several racially motivated violent episodes have occurred during this school year. Based on information in the text, which of these practices is most likely to improve relationships among the students from different ethnic groups?

a. Assign the students to read books about various ethnic groups’ history and contributions and discuss them in class in mixed ethnic groups.

b. Keep putting students of mixed ethnicity together in classes and project groups so that they get to know each other and the conflict will decrease.

c. Allow the students to stay in single-ethnicity groups because they are old enough to make these choices for themselves.

d. Ignore ethnicity altogether so that students gradually become less aware of ethnic differences.


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