Work life of the typical worker

1. Describe the organizational culture of a company or firm you are familiar with. What are some of the sources of this company’s organizational culture?

2. Drawing on your knowledge of research methods, what are the difficulties in evaluating the success of OD programs?

Based on what you know about traditional and nontraditional organizational structures, contrast the work life of the typical worker in a traditional organization with that of a worker in a nontraditional organization.

Which of the following is the best example of problem-based learning?

a. Ms. Christian’s science students use a shoebox to protect a raw egg from breaking when dropped off the school roof.

b. Ms. Kohler’s students solve word problems to help them see the application of math facts to everyday life.

c. Ms. Kringle’s students solve a series of addition and multiplication problems of increasing difficulty.

d. Ms. Randall’s students answer the questions at the end of the chapter in their history book.


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