“How to lead during a crisis”

Style MLA
Number of words 639
Number of sources 0
Spacing Double
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Prompt: Building on the case study “Useem, (2011). How to lead during a crisis,” what would be your recommendations to Laurence Golborne for an appropriate communication response (crisis communication) for the Chilean Mining crisis?

link to the article: https://sloanreview.mit.edu/article/how-to-lead-du… and link to video https://youtu.be/VQGEPEaEWtg

you must cite any other sources you used in MLA format (although not required) – read the article and fully understand it – and watch the youtube video for reference to crisis management. – single space, about one page (nothing less, just fully answer the question and give recommendations), times new roman, 12 font.

Requirements: about a page in length, fully answer promptly



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