“Losing the Business: The Donners Recall the Great Depression,”

For “The Hand of G-d” in the League of Nations: President Woodrow Wilson Presents the Treaty of Paris to the Senate:
Who was the author of the document? Provide a short biography of the author (be sure to provide a citation for the source used). See the citation guide embedded in the Course Content Browser for examples.
What evidence in the document helps you know why it was written? Quote from the document.
What three things are found in the document which tell you about life in the United States at the time it was written? Quote from the document.
After reading, “Losing the Business: The Donners Recall the Great Depression,” in your own words, explain what this family went through and felt during this economic crisis. What does Mr. Donner attribute to his “holding on too long?” How does Mrs. Donner feel about her husband’s new line of work? How does he feel about the WPA?
Answer the following question after watching the video on “The Scottsboro Boys:”
How might the socio-economic background of both the accusers and the defendants have helped shape the events of the case?
Explain why the location of the alleged crime helped cause the judge to doubt the women’s testimony.
If you were advising the defendants, would you take the jury’s potential prejudices into account in selecting a lawyer and a funding source, or would that only reinforce the prejudices you are attempting to fight?


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