Professional Development: Learning in the Workplace

Discussion  Professional Development: Learning in the Workplace

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Topic: Week 6 – Discussion Professional Development: Learning in the Workplace

Details: Prior to beginning this discussion, read the following required articles:

*Organizational Learning and Learning Organizations: An Integrative Framework
*Review of Organizational Resilience: How Learning Sustains Organizations in Crisis, Disaster, and Breakdowns (Links to an external site.)
*Future of Learning: Trends in Educational and Organizational Learning.
*Lifelong Learning

For this discussion, you will be focusing on your self-development and your learning experiences in the context of the workplace. In your initial post, apply basic research methods and the alignment of content within research to the questions below by making connections between your personal experiences and the content from the readings. You might also utilize other peer-reviewed articles of interest to you to support your assertions and conclusions.

For this discussion:

*Summarize what stood out to you as important from each of the required resources.
*Analyze how your personal development in the learning and cognition domains has matured and developed through your formative years and work experiences.
-Do you see yourself as a life-long learner? Please explain the rationale based on research and your knowledge about this concept.
-Lastly, apply ethical principles and professional standards of learning and cognition psychology that you have learned about to teaching or counseling others in the workplace.
*What implications should you consider when working with others?
This discussion should be a minimum of 500 words in length and should establish your understanding of the content, apply appropriate methods of ethical practices, and exhibit appropriate scaffolding of personal experience to the week’s content.


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