Routing Protocols

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You have been tasked with reconfiguring the network for your company, which has grown considerably over the past year. You have used only static routing in the past, but you do not wish to spend the administrative time required to maintain the routing tables now that the network has grown. You have recently experienced numerous inaccuracies in the routing table caused by entries you made when in a hurry.

Criteria for the reconfiguration includes the following:

You would like to automate the entry and updating of routing information, but you are concerned about excessive memory and processor utilization if you implement dynamic routing protocols.
You also wish to minimize the use of network bandwidth.
You prefer that the most efficient use of bandwidth be made so that packets will travel to their destination over the truly shortest path, rather than just the path with the lowest number of hops.
You have heard that routing loops can be a problem and wish to avoid them. However, you are concerned that if a link goes down, there should be redundancy so that traffic will go through.

In 2-4 page summary, complete the following

How can you accomplish your objectives?
What routing protocols and protocol features will you use to do so?
Provide detailed examples.
Write a paper using the APA style that summarizes your findings, and provides enough detail to fully support your opinion.

Requirements: Deliverable Length: 2-4 pages/Similarities more than 15% is not acceptable | .doc file

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