“The Great Gatsby”

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Topic: The Great Gatsby
Details: You are to write a 3-5 page literary analysis of the novel, The Great Gatsby. Typical format (10-12in font, double spaced no title page needed for me) and you must include a title! You must have at least 2 quotes per body paragraph, and no quotes in your introduction or conclusion. As always, you can see me as much as possible to work through the process. I will be having two review sessions in the mornings (TBA) for general questions on writing.

F. Scott Fitzgerald utilizes various motifs throughout his novel in an attempt to elaborate on the theme of the American dream. Choose one of the following motifs (you may combine more than one if you see them fitting together) and trace the development of the motif throughout the novel in order to reveal its ultimate significance.

Note, you do not want to simply rely upon the concept or phrase:

American Dream makes it specific to the character(s). Nick’s search for meaning. Gatsby search for Daisy, Myrtle’s pursuit of wealth, etc.

motifs: Flicker, Cars, Flowers, Music, Green Light, Dust/ Ash, New York City/ the East


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