Design three new jobs for your department in a company

1. What is the difference between an essential and a nonessential skill? How are these related to the Americans with Disabilities Act?

2. Describe the mechanistic and motivational models of job design. What is the emphasis of each?

3. Explain the difference between competency modeling and job analysis? Why do some companies prefer to use competency modeling?

1. Assume that you’re a manager who needs to design three new jobs for your department in a company. Will you apply the job characteristics model of job enrichment to these new jobs? Why or why not?

2. What are the six major components of the O*NET Model? How many occupations are included in the O*NET database?

Assume that you (male or female) were going to take a 6-week leave of absence from your job 5 months from now. How do you think your supervisor and co-workers would react to the news? Explain.


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