Foot-in-the-door technique

1. Use the Norm Potential Model as a framework to illustrate the values of

(a) politeness,

(b) Cheerfulness, and

(c) Conscientiousness in your most important college subculture (e.g., marketing club, drama club, fraternity, sports team, religious group).

2. Interview several members of this subculture regarding the desirability of these three values.

1. Do you think the “because heuristic” would be more effective when people are busy or in a rush? Explain.

2. Both the door-in-the-face and those’s-not-all techniques apply the principle of reciprocity. In fact, they both begin with deals that are eventually improved. Explain the difference between the two techniques.

1. Do you think businesses that give out free samples are mostly applying the reciprocity principle or the foot-in-the door technique? Does it depend on the nature of the sample? Explain.

2. Why do you think Cialdini found the low-ball technique to be more effective than the foot-in-the-door technique? Can you think of circumstances where the foot-in-the-door technique might be superior?


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