Human Resource Management

Consider the practical and ethical issues facing HR managers when designing a reward system for an organization with offices in multiple countries.

Design a compensation system for a small office in Krong Bavet, in eastern Cambodia near the Vietnam border. They have hired:

(1) a single 60-yearold director from London;

(2) a 34-year-old technical advisor who is from Vietnam with her husband and two children;

(3) a 23-year-old Cambodian civil engineer from Phnom Penh;

(4) a 42-year-old Cambodian project manager who is living apart from his wife and children, who are based in Phnom Penh;

(5) a 31-year-old woman from Krong Bavet, who acts as office administrator.

Define the key actors working within the international aid sector, e.g. international and national, long-term contract, short-term consultant, and intern/volunteer. How clear are these different categorizations and what are the areas of overlap between different categories? Given that these categories are related to the type of contract an employee is offered, how would you categorize a Brazilian national working in Rwanda or a Chilean national working in Peru?


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