Improving Organizational Performance Management Through Pervasive Business Intelligence

White Paper Analysis
Title: Improving Organizational PerformanceManagement Through Pervasive Business Intelligence
By: International Data Corporation (IDC) sponsored by SAP AG
Instructions: 1. Read the white paper carefully, and answer the questions listed below in not less than 300 words per item. 2. You have the luxury of using the web, please use it effectively but do not just copy and paste from the white paper or from any other sources in the web. If certain information were lifted from any published materials, cite properly using APA format.

1. Discuss the evidence suggesting direct link between investment in business analytics solutions and organizational performance.

2. Discuss what are the trends that led to the use of Business Intelligence in many companies.

3. What are the recommendations presented in the white paper? Describe an example of a business/business setting (You may describe a fictitious or a real business organization) and discuss how it can be implemented in the improvement of described business setting.



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