Job analysis in recruiting and selection

1. Why is it important to conduct a job analysis on key jobs within the organization?

2. Job analysis often serves as a “cornerstone” of HRM.

Describe how job analysis helps with the recruiting and selection, and training and career development functions.

3. What core information should be included in most job descriptions and job specifications?

As a current (or future) manager, how will you communicate the requirements of an entry-level customer service representative to a candidate who just arrived at your office for an interview?

Will you describe the job in terms of competencies? Knowledge? Skills? Abilities? Explain your answer

Assume that you’ve been asked to conduct a job analysis on an entry-level administrative assistant position at your organization.

Which job analysis method would you be most likely use to collect data about the job: observation, interviews, questionnaires, or incumbent diary/log? Explain.


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