Job analysis of your current (or a past) job

1. What guidelines should be followed to make sure that recruitment advertising does not violate equal employment laws?

2. Can you think of three organizations that have used their image to recruit employees? What image did they try to project to potential applicants?

1. Job Profiles From accountant to CIA agent, job seekers can get the scoop on 120 real-world professions by reading realistic job descriptions.

2. Self-Assessment Center These tests and quizzes can help job seekers improve their interview skills and learn more about which careers fit with their personalities.

Assume that you received a lot of negative comments from your supervisor and co-workers when you announced that you’d be taking a 6-week leave of absence. How would that make you feel? Would it have any impact on your commitment to the organization?

Do a brief job analysis of your current (or a past) job, including a job description and job specification/qualifications. Which tasks, duties, or responsibilities could you finish before your leave of absence? Which could you delegate to your co-workers? Which would have to wait until you return from the leave of absence?


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