Knowledge transfer across the different generations

How are diversity and inclusion defined within the context of your organization?

Do you think the way these concepts are defined impacts how well your organization advances its mission? Why or Why not?

There are many different ways technology can be used in human resource management. Do some stand out to you as more important than others? Why?

How do older generations (e.g., the Silent Generation and Baby Boomers) view the younger generations (e.g., Millennials) and vice versa? What are some of the stereotypes each generation has for each other?

How would careers change for Millennials and future generations in terms of the types, quantity, and quality of work?

What are some of the ways in which nonprofits can make themselves more attractive as employers to Millennials?

What can Baby Boomers and Millennials learn from each other? How can employers facilitate knowledge transfer across the different generations?


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