Law and Ethics

Kloster purchased a piece of real estate. He then moved a barn onto the property and built a house that rested on blocks. Neither the barn nor the house had a foundation, but Kloster never listed the two buildings as personal property for tax purposes. Later the real estate was sold at a tax sale to Nelson. Now Kloster claims that he is entitled to both buildings because he never intended them to become fixtures.

Is Kloster or Nelson entitled to the buildings? Why or why not?

The weights of bags of baby carrots are normally? distributed, with a mean of28ounces and a standard deviation of0.35ounce. Bags in the upper? 4.5% are too heavy and must be repackaged.

What is the most a bag of baby carrots can weigh and not need to be? repackaged?

Under the Consumer Credit Protection Act, what is the maximum percentage that can be deducted

from an employee’s pay to satisfy a student loan garnishment?

A six-year-old boy was severely burned and permanently deformed when he trespassed on hospital property and fell into a pile of smoldering ashes. Hospital employees knew that children played in the area where the accident occurred but did not install a protective screen or store the ashes in nearby metal drums. Children could not tell by looking at the surface of the ash pile that live ashes were underneath.

Should the hospital be held liable for the boy’s injuries?

Why or why not?


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