Organizations with an aging workforce

1. What role does education play in the fastest-growing occupations?

2. Why must external environmental forces be considered in the designing an HRM program?

3. Explain the reasons why today HRM is playing a larger role in an organization’s strategy than it did 10 years ago

1. HR processes are designed to acquire, reward, develop, and maintain/protect human resources. What are the desirable organizational end results of such processes?

2. Small firms, like large enterprises, must engage in developing clearly stated strategic plans. Why?

3. What are the implications for organizations with an aging workforce? Aging customers?

1. What will organizations have to do to adapt to the influx of needed Generation Y individuals?

2. Is Generation Y really that different than previous generations that entered the workforce in large num bers? Explain.

3. Will Generation Y individuals have to make adjustments in their style, preferences, and interests to be successful in their careers?


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