Performance evaluation

1. Do you consider the description of the Bridgestone/Firestone store manager’s responsibilities important information that the raters of managers need to be knowledgeable about

2. Does the portion of the performance evaluation form used at Bridgestone/Firestone require any subjective judgments or considerations on the part of the rater?

1. Suppose that a Bridgestone/Firestone manager received an outstanding performance evaluation. Does this mean that he or she is promotable? Why?

2. In your opinion, and from an HRM perspective, what are the objectives of employee performance evaluation?

1. On the basis of these objectives, evaluate the perspectives about performance appraisal presented by the managers.

2. which the plant’s management conducted in the last week. Each of the four managers completed evaluation forms (graphic rating scale format) on each of his or her subordinates and met with each subordinate to discuss the appraisal?

Assume you are the vice president of HRM at Eckel Industries and that you are aware that fine-tuning evaluations is a prevalent practice among Eckel managers. If you disagree with this perspective, what steps would you take to reduce the practice?


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