Tips and advice on how to use e-mail

Whether it’s submitting an electronic résumé and cover letter or sending out an invitation to come in for an interview, job seekers and recruiters often need to communicate with one another via e-mail. The purpose of this exercise is to research and understand best practices regarding the sending of e-mail

Group Size To be performed individually

Time Required Approximately 45 minutes.

Other Internet connection and search engine needed.


How many times have you wished, right after pressing the “send” button of your e-mail program, that you could take back and soften the message you just launched into global cyberspace?

What kind of emotion was behind your e-mail? Maybe none, but will the recipient perceive it that way? Several articles and websites can be found on the Internet to help improve effectiveness with e-mail communication.

Using your favorite search engine (e.g.,,, etc.), search and identify 10 sources that provide tips and advice on how to use e-mail in an effective manner.

Summarize the best practices and be prepared to present or write a brief overview of your findings. Be sure to include which tips are particularly important to help you improve your own e-mail use. Source: Adapted from Robert Konopaske and John M. Ivancevich (2004), Global Management and Organizational Behavior (New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin), p. 416


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