Behavioural psychology

Betty is a large woman (200 pounds) with severe intellectual disability. She lives in a group home and rides a van to and from her work site each day. She does assembly work for a local factory with a job coach and a group of five other people with intellectual disabilities. Betty has been exhibiting a problem behavior in which she refuses to get on the van in the morning and she refuses to leave the break room after her morning break and after lunch. Because of her size, Betty is intimidating and often gets what she wants. When the job coach asks her to get on the van or to come back to work, Betty yells “No,” makes a fist, and waves it at the job coach, and continues to sit where she is. Eventually, Betty does get on the van or comes back to work, but only after the job coach talks her into it. Because Betty is exhibiting noncompliant behavior in work-related situations, the job coach has decided to implement guided compliance in which Betty will be physically guided onto the van and back to work when she refuses.

What is wrong with using guided compliance in this situation?


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