Developing and implementing HRM activities and programs

1. Why has the HRM function increased in stature and influence in many organizations?

2. How has increased globalization influenced the way HRM is practiced in the United States?

3. In your opinion, which of the HRM functions appears to be the most challenging to implement? Why?

1. Why is the HR department playing a more significant role in organizational strategic planning pro c esses today than it did 20 years ago?

2. Why is it correct to conclude that all managers should be involved in developing and implementing HRM activities and programs?

1. What difficulties would an HRM executive face in assessing and then communicating the contrib u tion of his or her area to the company profit margin?

2. The text proposes that Peter Drucker is incorrect when he states that work in HRM is nothing more than the work of a file clerk. What has happened in the world of work to make his statement false?


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