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The organisation undertook a high-level analysis to determine the main criteria for selecting an HRIS. This analysis identified three main criteria. First, that the system should be able to manage the growing volume of data without requiring the organisation to make changes to its business processes. Second, the company wanted a single database to include both HR and payroll, which was centrally managed but accessible by all managers to enable capture of the data at source. Third, a sophisticated reporting system which allowed managers at all levels to have access to information appropriate to their decision making level.


Young People’s Fashion PLC has now to start the process of purchase and implementation of the new system. If you, as an HR business partner, were a participant in the working party to complete this project, how would you address the following questions?

1 What research should the working party do to identify a shortlist of suppliers?

2 What team should be brought together to view the systems demonstrated by the shortlisted suppliers?

3 List the range of issues that you think should be explored with the suppliers at the demonstrations.

4 When the organisation has made the decision on the purchase of a system the issues associated with implementation must be addressed. If you, as an HR business partner, were a member of the implementation team, how would you analyse the following requirements?

(a) Who would you expect to be on the implementation team?

(b) How would you establish the baseline data for the new system?

(c) What training needs can you identify and how will these be addressed?

(d) What criteria for success will the implementation team set and how will these be measured?


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