Market Segmentation and Targeting

Reusable biodegradable diapers for new borns aged 0, premature babies and adults.

The product development range will include a size zero range that will cater specifically for premature babies and newborn babies. The new baby range will be tailored to have a perfect fit and also considers how sensitivity of the baby’s skin. Will offer comfort by ensuring that the diaper has a triple quilted absorption liner that will protect the babies sensitive skin. The premature diaper range will offer a unique umbilical cord cut-out section that will ensure no discomfort for the babies. For adults it will ensure comfort and non leakages and also reusable.


Target people who cant afford to constantly buy new diapers as they are expensive and this ones are reusable and biodegradable.

To be produced in South Africa.




1.1. Identify four potential market segments and describe each segment in detail



1.2 Identify a minimum of two market segments to target and justify your choice




1.3 Draw two positioning maps each representing how you would like to position your new product “reusable biodegradable diapers” to each market segment


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