Self-management project

Heidi implemented a self-management project in which her goal was to stop using specific curse words. She self-monitored the daily frequency of the curse words by keeping a tally on an index card she kept in her pocket. She set daily goals for herself to reduce the frequency of curse words each day until she was no longer using the words. If the frequency of her curse words was more than her goal for the day, she had to put $2 into a jar in the kitchen. At the end of the week, her roommate counted up the money and gave it to charity. In addition to this response cost procedure, she asked friends from her behavior modification class to remind her whenever they heard her use a curse word. She was able to reach her goal every day, except on the days that she played softball. On softball days, she cursed frequently with her teammates as they sat around and talked about the game once it was over.

Describe procedures Heidi could use to promote generalization of the reduction in cursing to the softball days.


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