The process of mRNA transcription

Describe the process of mRNA transcription, translation, posttranslationa modification and secretion of a protein, making reference to the organelles involved. 20 marks

Maximum 300 words (including in-text citations)


Below you will find four sources to help you formulate your response. You must include at least two of the four references in your response (you are welcome to use other peer reviewed sources also). Include Harvard in-text citations and a reference list. Ensure that you adhere to academic integrity standards by adequately paraphrasing the information. Seeherefor help with Harvard referencing.

Source 1: E-Textbook “Molecular biology of the cell”; 4th Edition. Link here.

Source 2: E-Textbook “Autoimmunity: from bench to bedside”; Chapter 1: Gene expression and regulation. Link here.

Source 3: E-Textbook “Anatomy and Physiology”. Link here.

Source 4:Journal article “Transcription: the epicentre of gene expression”.


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