Calculate new breakeven point in units sold

Consider the query: with dept total (dept name, value) as (select dept name, sum(salary) from instructor group by dept name), dept total avg(value) as (select avg(value) from dept total) select dept name from dept total, dept total avg where dept total.value >= dept total avg.value; Rewrite this query without using the with construct.

Maria Kabaliki is planning to sell a vegetable slicer-dicer for €15 per unit at a country fair. She purchases units from a local distributor for €6 each. She can return any unsold units for a full refund. Fixed costs for booth rental, set-up and cleaning are €450. Suppose the unit purchase cost is €5 instead of €6, but the selling price is unchanged. Calculate new breakeven point in units sold. Hint – Write the figure only e.g. 100


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