Develop health policies and programs

Propose strategies to identify stakeholders and build coalitions and partnerships for influencing public health outcomes.

SLO3: Develop health policies and programs that influence the health status of the public as appropriate to a public health issue.


Research and write a 2-page critical review paper assessing the emergency plan for the evacuation of Hampton Roads.Refer to the weekly readings and lecture in Blackboard for background information. Included the foundational competency and the SLO stated above. Conduct a literature review of peer-reviewed journals and appropriate government documents. Include references from your weekly readings and at least one more reference outside of your weekly reading. Review the written assignment rubric for grading criteria (see below).

Some resources:

Guide to writing a critical review paper from University of New South Wales (UNSW)

Emergency Preparedness links:

Overview of plan for Businesses:

Emergency supply list

VA plan:


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