Mobile social networks

Mobile social networking is the next frontier in technology, as companies race to adapt platforms like facebook to our mobile phones. Marketers are not far behind, especially because there are 3.3 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide; that number is far greater than the

number of internet users. Mobile social networks are appealing in part because companies can identify precisely where users are in the physical world. for example, the SpaceMe service from GyPSii displays a map that identifies your friends’ locations as well as photos, videos, and other information about them. a Dutch network called Bliin lets users update their location every 15 seconds.  189   This enhanced capability creates some fascinating marketing possibilities – but perhaps it also raises some ethical red flags. what do you see as the opportunities and the threats as we move to a world where our whereabouts are known to others?  Check also the long relevant section on mobile e-commerce


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