Prepare a bank reconciliation

Hills Company’s June 30 bank statement and the June ledger account for cash are summarized here:

  Checks Deposits Other Balance
Balance, June 1                   $ 7,300  
Deposits during June       $ 18,500           25,800  
Checks cleared during June $ 19,600                 6,200  
Bank service charges             $ 31     6,169  
Balance, June 30                     6,169  


Cash (A)
June 1 Balance 7,300      
June Deposits 20,000 19,900 Checks written June
June 30 Balance 7,400      



Prepare a bank reconciliation. A comparison of the checks written with the checks that have cleared the bank shows outstanding checks of $300. Some of the checks that cleared in June were written prior to June. No deposits in transit were noted in May, but a deposit is in transit at the end of June.


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